Jr. Trainee as Floor Manager

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Jr. Trainee as Floor Manager

Postby sabrinailmuna30 » Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:52 pm

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

I would like to share about my experience as floor manager for MAS July 2015 Sharing Session by DVCSAA and Introduction to Clubs and Societies.

Before event preparations had many ad hoc moments as MC, ushers, performers came late and we got the songs for the performance late as well. I had to rush to see the PIC from CnP all the time to get the latest updates. (CnP pun serabut sikit :shock: ) When the MC came, I did my best to check all VIP names and his script but was disturbed by CnP, at the same time I had to meet the ushers and brief them. Unfortunately, the stage usher has no idea who are the VIPs nor what they look like and also their sitting arrangement. (nasib baik ada card yg ada gmbr & nama VIP) The solution is that tagging of VIP sitting arrangement should be made beforehand. The performers came late and gave their songs to Buddy Floor to pass to CRM. The Presidents and representatives of each club was already seated on the stage, but the chairs weren’t enough (during event LOG was putting in chairs, but did not disturb the flow)

Suddenly Tuan Haji came and I had to straight away ask about his flow but was unable to fully brief him and other VIPs about their sitting arrangement because the event started late. Since of speaker is Tuan Haji, we all know he has the habit of doing ad hoc situations based on his flow. I updated all CODs about his flow which is “Slide, performance by stage breakers, slide, performance by Inter Beats, slide, performance by UPAG”. For intro to president of clubs, Tuan Haji requested that all them have to write down their name, program and club on a piece of paper. Tuan Haji will announce all the names due to lengthy time if each representative introduce themselves. I have rogered Stage Manager to make the list for them to fill up.

HSE Briefing started while the VIP was at the VIP entrance, supposedly HSE Briefing should start while the VIPs were at the waiting area, should have ordered Buddy Floor to give que to MC.

Before Tuan Haji’s slide presentation, stageman came out to assist him in picking the slides. The slides were controlled by Tuan Haji himself with pointer. During the presentation, there was a loud and long humming, buddy floor roger CRM to adjust the audio level by lowering gain, mid and base.

I received updates from CnP that there will be an introduction by each performance. For Stage Breakers and Inter Beats, they will introduce at the before they perform, introducer is not one of the performers and cordless mic was used. Que for them is pose and thumbs up, then audio is played. For UPAG performance, the introduction is after their performance, introducer is one of the performers and que by floor manager when performers pose. All updates were told to all COD in time. Alhamdulilah, all technical aspects during performance was good.

Overall the event was a success as it had many ad hoc situations and the team managed to act fast during the event. I feel very blessed as I myself was going through my own challenges like I found out that I had an infection on my throat a few hours before the event (suara serak Muna buat semua org gelak je kerja :lol: :lol: :lol: ) and for your information, this is my second time as floor manager throughout my history of being in technical crew team. My first time, the event was just registration on MAS MAC 2015 which was a very simple and plain event.

I would like to thank all CODs and the jacketed crew who have helped advise me during the event. In shaa Allah, I will improve myself to be a better crew after receiving comments from jacketed crew.

~Muna, Jr. Trainee Technical Crew~ :D
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